Welcome To My Website and Blog!

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Welcome To My Website and Blog!


So as of right now I’m sure anyone coming to my website already knows what’s going on with me. I’m a photographer of mostly film (recently in the last year, digital as well) for over ten years. Also during that time I was an on-and-off student at Mohawk Valley Community College in Utica, NY.. a bartender.. and more prominently, a model. Making my living for a number of years as a gypsy model, I stumbled onto a tallship one day in Key West, discovered sailing, and dropped everything to learn and experience as much as I could. Fast forward two years and here I am, recovering from a pretty serious boat injury. I fell off a dingy and the prop hit my foot… Being that I was alone and with no help in shouting distance, I feel fortunate (and proud, even) of saving my own life and getting myself to safety. Quite the experience that I will surly never forget, and definitely learn some stuff from. I’ve taken it as an opportunity to better myself as much as possible, though not without fits of depression and severe boredom. I am currently healing from a skin graft, and after three months since the accident (it happened on April 6th) it’s been a long time waiting and in just a couple weeks I’ll be able to start working on walking again- which I am of course very excited about. Along with that I hope to learn some spanish, how to make hammocks, perfect my net mermaid bag, learn to read tarot, and as much rope work and bosun related skills and crafts that I can come up with.

I’ll spare you pictures of my injury but here are some selfies in hospitals and whatnot 😉


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